Mya-ki specializes in creating the perfect fit by offering flawless alterations, garment re-modification and bespoke tailoring, there is no project too big or too small when it comes to this service. While Mya-ki will be able to provide professional advice and multiple options on the project, the main focus of this process is “How do YOU want it to look and fit?” 

Bridal Alterations

(add $25 to each procedure for appliqued lace)

  • Take in sides $40

  • Take in sides with sleeves $48

  • Take in through zipper $60

  • Take in princess seams $60

  • Shorten bodice from waist $95

  • Add Sleeves $40-$80

  • Take in front $20

  • Add bra cups $40

  • Raise shoulders/Straps $30

  • Raise Shoulders with sleeves $80

  • Shorten sleeves $30

  • Taper sleeves $20

  • Take in sides on skirt $50

  • Take out sides on skirt $80

  • Add corset back $100

  • Hem Length no train $50-$90 (# on layers)

  • Hem Length with Train $80-$120 (# of layers)

  • Hem length with Lace trim $100-$200

  • Reshape/restyle neckline $30 per hour

  • Beading/re-beading $30 per hour

  • Press crinoline for max fullness $20

  • Press Bridal gown $45

Basic Altertions

  • Hem Pants $20

  • Hem Jean $20

  • Jeans add original hem $35

  • Cuff Pants $30

  • Take in/out waist pants $20

  • Taper Pants $20

  • Taper dress shirts $20

  • Darts $10

  • Hem Dress $10-$60 (#layers and fullness)

  • Take in casual dress $20

  • Take in Formal dress $30-$50

  • Take out Formal Dress $40-$60

  • Add sleeves on dress $30

  • Replace zipper on dress $40

  • Repair $3-$5

  • Sew on Patch $5-$10

  • Fix seams $5

  • Fix hooks and buttons $5

  • Take measurement $10

  • Hem drapes $20-$40

  • Press gowns $15


(all custom and corporate services are required a consultation and signed agreement at consultation)

  • Custom Bridal

  • Custom Formal

  • Custom Interior Drapes

  • Custom Bedding/ Pillows /Covers

  • Corporate Patch bulk pricing

  • Corporate Mock up prototype

  • Corporate designing apparel

  • Corporate bulk Modification 

  • Corporate bulk Repair

Rush Fee of $30 for same day and $20 for next day will apply for non-formal/casual garments,

$40 for formal gowns, drapery, under 10 business days, $100 for bridal gowns under 15 business days.

Any additional work, including beading and special details will be assessed at $30 per hour



TURNAROUND TIMES: For alterations on non-formal and casual garments, our typical turnaround time is 3-7 days during the off-peak, and 5-10 weeks during the peak season.  For bridal gowns, our typical turnaround time is 1-3 weeks during the off-peak, and 2-4 weeks during the peak season.   During the peak season, we book up with appointments very quickly.  


PRICE ESTIMATE CONSULTATIONS:  We provide a very transparent and comprehensive price list online for most procedures done on garments.  If the price list is not helpful, you can schedule a free consultation.

WHAT TO BRING:  Once the appointment is scheduled, you should receive a confirmation and a reminder closer to the date of your appointment from us. For all of your appointments, please bring your shoes (or same size heel - very important for marking the hem properly), and any shape-wear/undergarments you are planning to wear with your Gown.


PLEASE NOTE: We understand that there are all kinds of circumstances, so we would like to offer a 20% DISCOUNT ON RE-ALTERATIONS DUE TO weight loss/gain, change of shoes (heel size), and change of mind on previously agreed procedure.  If none of the following happened and the gown needs additional work on the seams for which you were previously charged, Mya-Ki will be happy to adjust them free of charge.


REFUND POLICY: At Mya-Ki,s discretion, we provide full refund on canceled orders minus $35 consultation fee for bridal/1 hour appointment or minus $20 for non-bridal/30 min appointment.  Refund will be provided in the original form of payment.  If the work already has been completed to the prior agreement, refund will not be provided (we typically start on the garments with in a week of appointment.