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Mya-Ki specialize in making custom made wedding dresses, formal dresses, cocktail dresses to casual dresses as well custom Interior decor i.e drapes, throw, bedding 


Hi, my name is Jay and I have over 15 years of dress making/ alteration experience. When I was a little girl my mother taught me how to make dresses, skirts, blouses, baby clothes, altering clothes etc"

The passion for fashion, designing and making custom clothing has stayed with me all these years. All I needed was the inspiration to start my own business. 

I want to be able to offer my services to those that have the same love for custom and unique items. I try to incorporate your personality and beauty for you to shine during your wedding day or your special occasion. What better way to do so with a custom gown.

Choose a style, fabric, color and design your own. We have made Prom dresses, Bridal dresses, Bridesmaid dresses, Home-Coming dresses, Cocktail dresses, Evening dresses and more including traditional Indian and Bridesmaid dresses. You may find a dress that you love but find that it is way out of your budget; we can work with you, offering professional advice to achieve the look and stay within budget.

What does Custom Design Mean to You?

Many times, when women try on gowns, they love the overall look of a gown, but wish it were different in some small or sometimes huge way! Mya-Ki custom service allows you to make those changes. Here are just a few examples of the modifications we make to gowns on a regular basis:

  • Change the neckline

  • Change the train

  • Change the embroidery or embellishment pattern

  • Add / remove detail on the skirt

  • Change the skirt silhouette

  • Add sleeves

  • Change the sleeve length


Custom Wedding Dress Services

Your personality and beauty should shine during your wedding day or your special occasion and what better way to do so, than with a custom wedding gown, prom dress, engagement dress or any other special occasion where you stand out. At Mya-Ki we collaborate with you to create a one of a kind dress that is completely your own. From the first sketch to the last fitting, we’ll create your dream wedding gown.

Custom Gown Creation

We first meet with you to get a feel of your personality and what would best suit your wedding style. Mya-Ki will hand craft your perfect wedding gown, starting with personalized hand-drawn conceptual sketches of the custom-made gown. You will have access to all types of materials and fabrics to get an idea of what you will want to make your dream wedding gown. From beautiful European laces to crystal trims, we will discuss every detail.

A Very Happy Ending

The final fitting is for the finishing touches. The bride to be will see the accumulation of all our collaborative efforts. You will try on your wedding dress in the final fabric, and it will fit you like a glove! Small changes are made during this fitting, and any trim finishing touches i.e. wedding sashes, crystal embellishment etc.

Policy Service of Agreement

Most gowns take about 6-12 weeks to create. I recommend that you allow ample time prior to the wedding, a minimum of 3 months, to reserve production time. 
Please note that it is your responsibility to confirm your wedding date with me before you send payment, as my current time can change if you leave days/weeks to reply.

The option for a rushed fabrication service is available for an additional $200 and l by about 30 day’s faster service. If you wish to include this service, please notify me prior to your purchase to insure that availability. (Make sure you have an ample amount of time before your event to allow for alterations if they are needed alterations only apply to USA buyers)

I recommend that you have your measurements taken by a professional before buying your gown online (you can go to any tailor to get measurements). As with all gowns, your dress might require minor alterations when it arrives. If you live in or are willing to travel to my area in Utah West Jordan, I will be happy to take care of any necessary alterations personally. It is up to you to follow the specific instructions given once we are in conversation about your dress, and then provide me with your exact measurements.

The photos you see in my shop are the actual dresses  i have made for customers. Please keep in mind that all dresses are handmade, one of a kind dress. Slight variations are bound to occur however any significant modifications (such as fabric substitution) would be determined and agreed upon in conversation by you! Please be realistic with your expectations. I strive to give you the best possible product, of the highest quality in a reasonable time frame.

Things you can anticipate when ordering handmade:

*I am not a factory or mass-producer.
*Wedding dress orders usually take a minimum of 6 weeks. Please email me jay@mya-ki.com for availability on rush orders, so I can determine whether I can fulfill your order.
*Bridal party orders require a minimum of 12 weeks based on quantity (please check on the turn around, smaller parties may be able to be finished much sooner)
*All other orders require a minimum of 6 weeks, and may take up to 12 weeks. Differences will occur from one item to another, since they are handmade and some inconsistency is a part of the process.
*Occasionally, there are circumstances which can cause delays due to customer communication and availability, however we will do our best to meet timelines as agreed upon.

*I reserve the right to substitute fabric if I feel it will better suite the design chosen. However, you will be notified if that occurs.

Terms and Conditions of Business,
Mya-Ki provides a service making custom garments/products to your instructions. You are contracting with us for our services. We will not infringe on copyrights, trademarks, or patents. All work is custom Made and unique.

The initial consultation is free of charge and there is no obligation on you to commission any work.
Calculations for fees include: Taylor Fees, Material Cost, Shipping charges (if needed) Special conditions stated at the time of consultation, and any materials, patterns and notions not supplied by the client.

Commissioning work:

1. I will have no obligation to commence work on any item until I receive from you a signed copy of this document together with the requested deposit payment (and any materials that you are providing). This will confirm your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and Reserved date.



1. Information made available to me at the time of quotation is the sole basis for the creation of the quotations and the quotations are subject to change if there are any errors or commissions in this information.

2. Later changes to your instructions will require extra work and incur additional charges. Such additional work (any other work which you instruct me to carry out other than that specified in this contract) will be additional $100 + $25 per hour.


1. I will use my best endeavor to meet deadlines if you tell me about them at the initial consultation and provided you co-operate fully in terms of making decisions quickly and making yourself available for fittings. However, unless it is stated explicitly in this contract, time shall not be of the essence in performance.

2. If you have to cancel a fitting appointment, scheduling a replacement may be affected by other work commitments, and will negate any deadline.

3. I shall not be liable for any default due to any act of God or other event beyond our reasonable control.

4. Acceptance of urgent work is at my discretion, and I will do it on a best endeavor basis and the work will attract a premium charge of $200 for Custom gowns and $20 for Alterations plus materials and overnight shipping (if needed).                                                                                  


Cancellations made after the fabric has been cut to customer specifications will incur the full contract price for the work cancelled (and we agree that in the event of such a cancellation the full contract price shall be deemed to be the quantum of damages). All items purchased on behalf of the customer will be returned to the customer on payment of the cancellation fee, if the customer so wishes.


1. I will take measurements at the time of order and will make the garment(s)/Product(s) according to these measurements. Otherwise I will use measurements provided by client (you), I strongly advise you have measurements taken by a professional seamstress if needed.

2. Where a weight loss plan, pregnancy, or illness/recovery is a factor, please let me know so that I may plan your garment(s) appropriately.

3. I will not accept “approximate” measurements. All measurements are to be supplied as accurate as well as a photo of said gown/ item. All actual measurements, not as finished measurements.

5. For large orders (such as bridal parties, stage costumes, etc), all sizes must be submitted a minimum of two (2) months and a maximum of 6 months prior to the usage of the order or it will be considered an “urgent” project and incur a premium price.

Appointments: I see clients by appointment only.

1. You must bring to any fitting appointments the underwear and shoes that you intend to wear with the completed garment

2. Appointments last up to an hour from the appointment time. Longer appointments may apply for the fitting of multiple garment orders. Most fittings take under 30 minutes.

3. Please telephone at least 24 hours in advance to cancel appointments; missed or late appointments (15 minutes of appointment) will incur extra charge of $20 (per cancelation)due to availability to other clients.
4. You should buy no less than the quantity of fabric specified on the pattern. Inadequate yardage will prejudice my ability to complete the garments as specified by the pattern. I will return any large pieces of excess material to you with your completed garment(s)/product(s).

Patterns & materials:

1. Where you supply patterns or materials, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are fit for the intended purpose. I reserve the right to refuse to work with unsuitable materials.

2. Patterns provided by you should correspond to actual measurements, not ready to wear sizes

3. You should buy no less than the quantity of fabric specified on the pattern. Inadequate yardage will prejudice my ability to complete the garments as specified by the pattern. I will return any large pieces of excess material to you with your completed garment(s)/product(s).


Fitting, collection & payment:

1. Please respond to a request for fitting or collection within 48hours.

2. A 50% deposit is required up front to reserve the date, Purchase your materials and begin the productions of your dress/item(deposits are non refundable if order is canceled)

3. Payment in full is required before the garment(s) are ready for production.

4. For all orders I ask for payment by installments. I will require the final installment before collection or dispatch of the garment(s)/product(s). Installment dates will be included in the contract under. If you are unable to make the last payment or collect the dress on the agreed date additional $30 Per week applies for stocking fee.

5. By Dispatch, it is understood that it is mailed/shipped to your home address. No post office box will be supplied as your mailing addresses as that some delivery services do not deliver to post office boxes. All shipping charges are included in the initial contract fee. Any additional shipping conditions added after the initial contract fee calculation is the sole responsibility of the client unless otherwise agreed upon and stated in the Certificate of Acceptance.

6. Payment is accepted by one or a combination of the following means:

  •       Cash (only in person)

  •       Pay Pal (+3.75% processing fee)

  •       Credit Card (+4.2% processing fee)

Upon collection or delivery, you should confirm that the garment(s)/product(s) are as ordered. You must notify me within 3 days of delivery of any alleged defect or failure to comply with instructions, or it shall be deemed that the garments have been made in accordance with your instructions, are free from any defect and that you have accepted them.

Where payment is made upon collection it shall be deemed that the garments(s)/product(s) have been made in accordance with your instructions, are free from any defect and that you have accepted them. In addition, collection of final garment(s)/product(s) shall serve as confirmation of completion of work according to specifications.

All other warranties, whether express or implied, by statute or otherwise are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.